Testimonials From Pet Owners

Paula C

said: Our Sassie
Our sweet Sassie has cancer. The Hemp oil has helped immensely slowing down the growth of one of the tumors. The Hemp oil may not cure cancer, but it definitely has and will give him a better quality of life. Thank you, Healthy Leaf USA.

Suzanne M

said: Awesome
This has been a real miracle for my dog. No more couch potato. She is more alert. Her arthritis is not holding her back anymore.

Maggie Lett

said: Lifesaving product
I say "lifesaving" not because I'm claiming this cured any medical problems my little 11-year-old Golden has. I'm saying it's lifesaving because I truly believe this has given her the ability to be very comfortable as she's going through her medical ailments. It's also life saving for me because like most pet owners, your pets are like your own kids. It was very difficult for me to make a decision to decide whether or not I should put her down after being diagnosed and luckily a pet store recommended this product to my husband. We decided, why not? My little Goldie’s life is worth at least trying. About a few days, I felt she was slowly regaining her strength and normalcy back. She's still doing very well. We know that it's not a cure but it's allowing us to love her for who knows how many more months...maybe years...we can only be hopeful. I'm very grateful for this product.


said: Happy Dog with Healthy Leaf USA
Jessie is a terrier/ Maltese mix. She is 13 years old and has separation issues and anxiety issues. Since I have been giving her Hemp oil she seems more calm and happy. What a great product!

Lindsey Craft

said: Wonderful Product! Wonderful Service!
I am very happy with not only the product I bought and the results but, with the terrific service I have been provided. I am very impressed by the care and attention this company takes in providing a wonderful product as well as services and information to ensure owners feel comfortable with what they are giving their pet. Personally, I couldn’t appreciate that more. I was a bit nervous to give my dog the oil. I bought the Hemp oil to help 2 yr. old Australian Sheppard that has seizures. It has really helped, since I started giving the oil to her, the seizures have stopped. I would deeply like to thank Healthy Leaf USA for helping my baby through a tough time, for her AND me! I could not be more appreciative honestly! I am one extremely happy customer and will most definitely be continuing to use this oil and Healthy Leaf’s services! Thank you SO much.

Nathan Smith

said: Hemp Oil Really works
I give all 5 of my dogs the recommended dosage of Hemp oil. I have a 14-year-old and large 10 year old and I believe it has helped their mobility. My two 5-year-old males can be a bit grumpy around each other and it has helped with that. I give our 2-year-old the oil because it is good for so many issues, that I don't want her to miss out, even though she has no real issues. I have seen great results. I am a believer, thank you healthy Leaf USA for making a great product.

Amy C

said: Amazing!!!!
Our dog just had surgery. This helped him greatly with getting sleep and his pain. Definitely will be purchasing this every month!!!


said: I Love this oil!
I bought this oil for my cats to calm them during the fireworks show and it worked wonders. I plan on buying another bottle of this oil while it's still on sale. I highly recommend this product.

Michael Miller

said: Best oil
I have a 15-year-old dog that has arthritis issues in her rear legs. Giving her hemp oil on a daily basis has improved her quality of life! And I am grateful for this!

Angie Kane

said: Wonderful Product
Ordered the Oil for my Boston Terrier who was diagnose with a MCT and just had surgery. It has really helped. I highly recommend Healthy Leaf USA’s products.

Mike Reed

said: Good stuff
Worked really well for our 12-year-old husky


Happy Customers

I have Parkinson’s Syndrome. Which means I don’t have Parkinson’s Disease per say, just a chemical imbalance, therefore, I shake. I tried another brand of hemp oil that was water based, not oil based, with no noticeable change. Then I tried Healthy Leaf USA’s 1000 mg orange flavored full spectrum hemp oil and after ONLY two weeks of receiving 1 ml dose per day, I stopped shaking completely! Life changing, wouldn’t you say! Words can’t describe how happy I am.
G Manning

Is it possible for the least expensive product to work the best? In the case of Healthy Leaf USA, it is!
Joost Holland Netherlands

I have tried three different hemp brands, which all had zero THC. The other two were very popular by ratings, neither compared to the relief I get from Healthy Leaf USA.
Deborah Roberts Boston, MA

I have been taking Healthy Leaf USA hemp oil for roughly a month & absolutely love it. I originally ordered it to help with anxiety & depression & insomnia. Before this pro,duct I was taking Ibuprofen & Tylenol nearly every day & in the last month I have only taken it maybe 3 times.”
Genia Smith, Denver, CO

“I love the Healthy Leaf USA hemp oil and I am a returning customer. I was on the search of a very simple CBD oil that was all natural and I came across this product, it is amazing. Now I recommended this to everyone I see because it can truly help.”

I'm a Registered Nurse that has had 2 neck surgeries and most recently a multi-level back surgery. Working in a hospital tugging and lifting patients for 30+ years has broken my body down. I've lived with chronic pain for many years. I started taking Healthy Leaf USA Hemp oil and I have to say that I honestly cannot live without it. It is the only thing that helps me manage my pain. I ran out for 2 days one time and I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it had made for me just to do normal daily activities. I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT IT AGAIN. IT WORKS!
T Naylor, Attalla, AL

I highly recommend this product for anyone suffering from migraines. I have lived with headaches my entire life and have been on every kind of pharmaceutical med that is out there. Healthy Leaf USA’s Hemp oil has changed my life. I have only had one mild headache since I started taking this product 5 months ago. Thank you HLUSA!
Kara Daniel Cleveland, TN

This product really works, I'm only 43 years and have Osteoarthritis. I take Healthy Leaf USA full spectrum hemp oil daily and It has really made a difference in my world. Tanya Carter, Atlanta, GA

Great Product. Highly recommend!
Steve Langford, Queens, NY


Since I started taking Healthy Leaf USA hemp oil, I can actually drive in the LA traffic without having a full-blown Panic attack. It really calms me down and relaxes me enough, so I can get out of my house. Thank you so much for this product.
Lisa Monroe, Los Angeles, CA.

I started taking Healthy Leaf USA’s product a couple of months ago and I can absolutely tell a huge difference in my body. I have fibromyalgia and have been suffering for many years. This product really works. I have been hearing about hemp oil for a while now. I have also tried many products. I would advise anyone to read the labels and make sure you are getting real hemp oil before making a purchase. Healthy Leaf USA is a full spectrum hemp oil and all organic. They offer a full money back guarantee. I highly recommend this product. It really does work.
Sandy Calhoun, Jackson, MS

I never write a comment on anything. I am not a person that does that. I will be glad to give my feedback for this product. It really does work. I am a healthy person, I broke my wrist several years ago and from what doctors tell me the pain that progressively has gotten worse is from arthritis from the old injury. I am an avid golfer and my wrist had gotten so bad that I couldn’t even play golf. I have been taking healthy leaf USA Hemp oil for 3 months now and I play golf 3-4 times a week. I am a believer! Highly recommend.
Mike Stanford, Myrtle Beach, SC